Makeup pump head composition principle

2020-01-09  1738

Composition principle of foam pump head on cosmetic bottle distributor

1, the distributor is divided into two kinds of tying type and screw type, from the point of view of the function is divided into spray, foundation cream, emulsion pump, air fog valve, vacuum bottle.

2, the size of the pump head to match the caliber of the bottle body to determine, the size of the spray 12.5mm -- 24mm, the water yield is 0.1ml/ time -- 0.2ml/ time, generally used for perfume, gel water and other products packaging match, the length of the same caliber can be determined according to the height of the bottle body.

3, the emulsion pump specifications range from 16ml to 38ml, the water output is 0.28ml/ time -- 3.1ml/ time, generally used for cream and washing products.

4. Special dispensers, such as foam pump head and hand button sprinkler head, foam pump head is a kind of non-irrigation hand pressure pump head, no need to inject air to produce foam, only light pressure can produce quantitative high-quality foam. Generally equipped with special bottles. Hand - clasp sprinkler head is usually used for cleaning products.

5, the composition of the distributor is relatively complex, generally including: dust cover, press head, press rod, gasket, piston, spring, valve, bottle cap, pump body, straw, valve ball (steel ball, glass ball). Can do color, can electroplate, can set electrochemical aluminum ring. Due to a set of pump head involved in the mold more, and the order quantity is large, the minimum order quantity of 10,000-20,000, supply period after confirming the sample 15-20 days, white and general often spot.

6, vacuum bottle is usually cylindrical, specifications 15ml-50ml, some have 100ml, the overall capacity is small, rely on the principle of atmospheric pressure, can avoid cosmetics in the use process of pollution, there is anodized aluminum, plastic plating and colored plastic, the price is more expensive than other general containers, ordinary order requirements are not high.

7, distributor customers rarely open their own mold, the mold to pay more, the cost is higher.