Shower gel pump head manufacturer

2020-01-24  1566

Cosmetic bottle body material is to have plastic and glass commonly two kinds of material. The cap of plastic bottle is equipped with inside gasket commonly, pull lid, inside plug, very few are equipped with small spoon or dropper, this basically is to consider its sealing sex and the convenience that use. Glass bottle is divided into a wide mouth bottle, narrow mouth bottle, solid paste is generally used in a wide mouth bottle, shower gel pump head, appropriate with anodized aluminum cap or plastic cap, 28 teeth cosmetics pump head, cap can be used for color spray oil effect; Emulsion or water agent kind paste body is general with narrow mouth bottle, appropriate match with pump head, want to pay attention to prevent spring and ball rusting, now most of the pump head match is glass bead, usually to test the material body applicable test, such as match lid need match with plug, water agent match with hole with plug, thicker emulsion match with big hole plug.

In the package, the cosmetic pump head ACTS as a seal and controls the amount used. Is an essential part of the whole package.