Pump head material PE (polyethylene) simple introduction

2020-02-10  1668

Pump head material PE (polyethylene) simple introduction

PE is the world's largest production of synthetic resin, is also the largest consumption of plastic packaging materials. Polyethylene products are divided into low density, medium density and high density three. Among them, high density polyethylene (HDPE) because of its high crystallinity, its hardness, air tightness, mechanical strength, chemical resistance properties are good, so a large number of blow molding into bottles and other hollow containers. PE heat sealing performance of good characteristics, the production of various composite materials made of containers, cosmetics pump head manufacturers, can be filled with lemon juice, juice and other beverages.

Production process of pump head material PET

PET has good rheology in the molten state, and the pressure has a greater influence on the viscosity than the temperature. Therefore, the fluidity of the melt is mainly changed from the pressure. 1. In the treatment of plastics, PET macromolecule contains lipid group, which is hydrophilic to a certain extent. The granule is sensitive to water at high temperature. Therefore, the material must be dried before processing, its drying temperature is 150℃, more than 4 hours, generally 170℃, 3-4 hours. The complete drying of the material can be tested by air emission. Generally, the proportion of recycled materials should not exceed 25%, and the recycled materials should be thoroughly dried.