Why the emulsion pump press after the head rebound not

2020-02-26  1684

Why the emulsion pump press after the head rebound not

In order to avoid this kind of situation, in the production process, we should first test whether the length of the spring is standard, a miss a thousand li, the length of the piston is not negligible, if it is short, it will cause the return trip of the piston is not in place, directly caused by the head down, rebound or rebound slowly.

Secondly, check whether the thickness of the piston is in line with the body. In the movement of the piston, any trace of the gap will cause suction weakness, according to the head pressure can not out of the material body. Because plastic has the property of heat expansion and cold contraction, the normal piston is very important to ensure the quality of emulsion pump.

Finally, we will analyze the body. In view of the scalability characteristics of plastics, if the operation is not proper during the injection, the insufficient injection of glue will cut off a thin layer of the body, resulting in uneven inner wall. Inevitably, gaps will be left in the process of piston stamping, resulting in the failure of discharging.