The emulsion bottle is provided with an anti-leakage emulsion pump surrounded by the wall of the main column

2020-03-24  2642

Existing wall latex bottle has a main post weeks surround type leakproof emulsion pump, lotion pump including the head, lock cover, screw braces, ontology, the main column, column, piston, glass ball, spring and straws, lock cover include by the outer ring and medial to the outer ring of the inner ring, internal ring set in ontology, prevent the latex bottle in a closed state, due to transportation vibration causes the emulsion flowed from ontology and lock cover the gaps between the latex bottle.

Existing problems of emulsion pump, after the emulsion pump in an open position, ontology, piston and lock cover form a space, because the transport will be from the air port or other slit into emulsion in the space, and opened the lotion bottle, emulsion pump spring rebound after extrusion, within the space of the emulsion is need through the vent. And existing on the ontology of emulsion pump set of vent less number and opening area is small, when the emulsion cover ventilation, spring provides piston push pressure discharge space is not enough to offset the emulsion tension of emulsion, and then drive the main column, column and press head smooth movement, cause pressure according to the head after springback is slow, the emulsion pump work abnormal.